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Turning the Mundane into Sacred

I was reminded recently of something my long-departed Father taught us – or rather, commanded us to do (?). There was a drought in our area, and we were supposed to conserve water.

He instructed us to all take what he called military showers. Just the basics. Get wet. Turn the water off. Shampoo your hair (trying not to get it into your eyes?!) and soap up your body, and then rinse. Turn the water off quickly. If he heard the water running too long, there was fury.

I thought about this recently as I was trying to figure out ways to save water. So, I tried it again, without the possibility of fury, and with the knowledge that intentional, attentive self-touch can be healing. Instead of hurrying through the shower, to not waste water, once the water was turned off, I had the time to luxuriate in my own touch. My own soapy, silky, smooth touch. I wanted to clean my feet, so they each got a thorough massage, paying close attention to each toe, and the spaces in between. Titillating, even when doing it to myself. My hair needed shampooing, but a slower, caressing touch, making sure to massage some tension out of the scalp at the same time, was particularly relaxing, and grounding. Cleaning underarms became invigorating. Just slowing down how I touched my own body, and paying attention to parts that are often neglected, changed my daily routine shower into a mini-self-pleasuring session, and sacred time alone.

Your Mother likely taught you to make sure you scrubbed yourself thoroughly – you know, behind the ears (& balls? Can I say balls?), and behind the behind -- make sure you take some extra time anywhere that feels good to you – give yourself pleasure through your own touch. (Watch me and use your imagination, as I dance around the censors).

No one else in the world can touch you the way you touch yourself.

Self-pleasuring is a process of listening to and taking care of your physical body. Paying attention to your body’s signals, acknowledging them, and responding to them, leads to more emotional stability and easier access to spiritual realms.

Extended periods of sustained erotix arousal cause a cascading release of happiness hormones in the body – changing how you feel inside your skin. This sacred shower can be part of your morning routine. What a way to start each day!

If you try a sacred shower, let me know how it goes!

Big Hugs



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