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I am a Somatic Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Erotic Educator. 

I discovered the erotic healing arts through my own process of embodied healing from sexual and emotional trauma, after years of talk therapy that just seemed to perpetuate all those bad feelings, not resolve them.  This intimate work also led me to layers of personal discovery and transformation.  I became so ecstatic about the strength and simplicity of this work, that I was inspired to study and start my own somatic erotic embodiment practice full time, leaving behind a long-term unsatisfying career. It was the somatic erotic embodiment experiences I experienced which finally empowered me to leave that career.

I am a trained and certified sexological masseur, and private sessions may include all over body massage, from sensual to erotic, including focused genital, anal and/or prostate massage.

I am a passionate self-pleasuring enthusiast and advocate.  I invite every-body to create their own regular self-pleasuring practice including mindfulness, conscious breathwork and self-touch, to tap into the healing power of erotic energy.  Through regular self-pleasuring we create greater self-awareness, and generate self-love, transformation, and spiritual evolution.

Contrary to popular myth, the male body is capable of full body orgasms without ejaculation.  Through guided practices of breath, sound, movement and touch, men can experience multiple full body orgasms, with no refractory period caused by ejaculating.  Pono provides coaching to male identified persons who want to achieve multiple full body orgasms without ejaculation.

If you have questions about sex, or accessing arousal in your body, or anxiety or performance issues, or difficulty with intimacy, perhaps due to a history of unwanted touch, these sessions may bring you more fully into your body, help you to rediscover your personal boundaries, and reactivate your body’s innate erotic wisdom.

I enjoy working with people of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, and proclivities.  This work holds potentially life enhancing benefits for just about everyone.  Most of us grew up in erotically repressed environments.  Somatic Erotic Embodiment helps to unleash the inner you. 

If you think you might be interested in working together, please contact me for a free consultation.

Thanks for reading.


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