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Client Testimonials:

Private and Group Retreat Client

“I have had the opportunity to work with Pono in both a group “Connections” retreat and in a private solo retreat.

I have done all kinds of self-exploration/healing workshops during my adult life; everything from the New Warrior Training, a Jungian Vision Quest, and several Body Electric intensives. I have served on staff for many of these same experiences. I have seen and worked with many, many practitioners. So, it is my ultimate compliment that when I want to do my own personal work, I choose to work with Pono.

Pono is open, heart-centered, present, and real. He has superb boundaries; he is clean and clear with why he is doing what he is doing. He wants/needs nothing from his clients personally/emotionally/erotically. He simply wants to be an agent of care, healing, and love energy.

Pono is bright, well read, and inquisitive. He keeps exploring; always open to learning from others. He does his own personal work and is self-aware. He has an incredible physical setting and accommodations that facilitate retreat work to another level of focus and solitude. He is an overall amazing, caring, professional human being.”

Michael K
Anchorage, AK


Private Retreat Client

"Ron and Pono are deeply compassionate and caring healers who know exactly how to create safety and unfold deeply healing work at just the right pace. I arrived at my retreat at odds with a body that had experienced trauma and had let me down for decades. Through their heart-centered, patient, and attuned work, they helped me not only reconnect with my body but also rediscover all of the sensations, experiences, and richness that reside in it. I left the retreat inhabiting a unified, sensual, and functioning body whose gifts I am still discovering. I will absolutely return for another retreat as my relationship to this sacred and beautiful body grows. Thank you, Ron and Pono!" JP

Couples Retreat Clients


Dear Ron and Pono,

We just wanted to send a follow up message of thanks. Your offering last weekend reverberates still and has left us changed. Magical is the right word. We are like young lovers over here!

So much continues to come up and move through. The shift and opening and access to energy is remarkable. Our inner pharmacy has had to hire support staff :)

We are sharing our experience where appropriate. More people need to see you two! Looking forward to signing up for your newsletters, following and partaking in your future offerings.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our root and out the top of our crown chakras. 💚” C&E, Victoria BC

Private Session(s) Client

“In addition to being one very fine human being, Pono is very skilled, takes his work seriously, and always with kindness! I would even call him a healer; I can confidently say that he has helped me to regain a sense of wholeness after some difficult health challenges. Continuing sessions with Pono has become part of my practice of self-care! I heartily recommend him for anyone who wants to learn more about taking care of their body and themselves!”  E.M. Victoria, BC

On-Line Group Workshop Participants

“Pono did a good job of communicating with clarity and sincerity.”

“If this course, or any course facilitated by Pono, were offered again, I would definitely dive in!”

“If you want to open your mind and body to the potential of masturbation pleasure, in a safe and supportive environment, I recommend this course. The interaction was meaningful and the absence of guilt refreshing.”

“Pono is an amazing guide and facilitator! I feel so much more connected to my body, self, and others.”

“Pono is an exceptional facilitator with the ability to adapt on-the-spot to a group's needs.”

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