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Touch is so important

It is a basic human need

But unwanted touch pervades our society

Not necessarily a full on assault, but even thinking you were supposed to want to, when you just didn’t know how to say no, or didn’t think you should, or believed that 'he or she won’t like me if I say no', or everyone else is doing it, so I should too, or they just never really asked - they just touched you

So you did it anyway

Or you let them and didn’t say anything

Even though part of you wanted to say no, or stop – or all of you wanted to

We have emotions and feelings and energy stuck in our bodies

From unwanted touch, assault, from all sorts of trauma related to sex, or not

A scream that was stifled


Yet, we still crave touch

Not necessarily the type of touch we have received before

'Not everyone else likes to be touched the same way you do!'

We have unprocessed fears and emotions stuck in our bodies that erotic energy can stimulate move and transform

It is healing

It is natural

You consciously allow your body to heal itself

Re-experience and re-solve, in a different way

Move on

It can help you to feel

It can help you to change

It can help you to grow

So, this is about saying yes and saying no, and figuring out when we would rather say which

For ourselves, not for anyone or anything else

And this is not just about the bedroom

Erotic embodiment leads to personal empowerment

Recognizing that you can have what you want and what feels good, but don’t need to take what you don’t want, or what doesn’t feel good, is empowering

You figure out that you can do that in all other aspects of your life, too

This is your life

Boundary lessons in bed, or in sex, are useful in maintaining healthy relationships outside the bedroom

Life lessons, not just sex lessons

People have spent centuries looking for happiness

But what is that?

how does it feel?

What does happiness feel like?

My sessions with a Somatic Sex Educator helped me find happiness in my body

Then I knew what I was looking for in the rest of my life

Or at least I knew what it felt like! What a great guidepost to take into the world!

There is a reason there are so many pleasurable nerve endings in our genitals

We came from the factory that way – what a waste to ignore them!

Why not heat up the furnace if you have one?

Yet as children we were shamed for our natural, erotic urges

church and religion and family and culture have told us not to DO THAT

We would go to hell, we would grow hairy palms, we would be a slut

Don’t touch “down THERE”

“Jimmy, what are you doing locked in the bathroom!?”

We hold and carry those negative feelings and emotions in our bodies

Having a safe person witness you during your ecstatic states can help to enforce the acceptance and positivity of those feelings and sensations in your body

To help you discover your erotic body and to teach you what sex education in school wasn’t allowed to teach you

We are erotic beings no matter how we choose to express ourselves in our daily lives

We have compartmentalized our erotic lives, our erotic nature and separated that from the rest of ourselves

Yet part of mind body spirit connection is bringing our erotic lives into our daily lives

There is no reason to be ashamed of your physical body or your erotic feelings

reconnect all of the parts of you into one

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