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Back in the Saddle

What happens when a somatic sex educator who vociferously professes the benefits of a regular mindful masturbation practice gets out of practice himself?

I recently did the 12 day Wild Rose Detox Cleanse. It was a very productive time for cleaning every corner of the palace (body temple) and taking some time to slow down and process some old stuck emotions. But what happened to my erotic life and my erotic urges during the cleanse? They went dormant, unrecognized. My erotic life ceased while the temple was in restoration mode.

So, how did I get myself back in the swing of things again after two weeks of celibacy. It wasn’t exactly easy. Eventually, I had to coach myself back to self-pleasuring. Sit with the feelings. Start slow. Set the scene, the music, the ambiance, run the bath, pick out some essential oils. Eventually after a few false starts, the erotic energizer bunny rabbit is back! And does he have some ideas for Masturbation Month.

If you are a guy who has discovered his prostate pleasure portal and is looking for a way to bring nature into your eroticism and your erotic self into nature, try talking a nature hike while wearing a butt plug or prostate wand. Depending upon your gait and whether you are going uphill or downhill, waves of pleasurable sensations surprise you with each step, keeping you connected and alert and feeling alive!

It can be very small but should have a sturdy enough base to keep the plug inserted during your walk. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

And, if you need some help getting yourself Back in the Saddle, let me know!

Ciao for now


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