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Male Full Body Orgasm

May was Masturbation Month. That inspired many articles about the joys of masturbation.

Unfortunately, it also provided a platform for the dissemination of false information about the male body’s capacity to feel and experience pleasure.

A male full body orgasm and ejaculation and not the same thing. Not at all.

Male bodies have the capacity to experience fully body orgasms without ejaculation.

My personal belief and intuition tell me that they feel a lot like multiple full body orgasms in women.

It’s just that hardly anyone has told men that these are possible, and most men have no idea what they are missing.

In the same way that many men have no idea how much longer it takes for a woman’s body to become fully aroused and “ready” (that’s another topic altogether….), most men learn to masturbate quickly and quietly, in the (lack of) privacy of their shared bedroom, shared bathroom or in their sleeping bags. This environment is conducive to exactly what most men get – quick, furtive stroking of the cock that feels good and accomplishes its goal – momentary pleasure, a temporary release of horny energy, ejaculation, and a collapse into sleep.

So when most men think about masturbation (month), they likely laugh inside and think, I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing it for years, and I already do it whenever I want to. If they only knew what they were missing….

Male fully body orgasm can feel like fireworks going off in every cell in your body. And, the fireworks (can) go on and on and on, for hours. Much like a female (full body) orgasm. Our erotic bodies are much more similar than we are taught (we are not taught very much), and just as the female body can ejaculate (squirt), a male body can have multiple full body orgasms.

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