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Somatics & Erotic Embodiment

My name is Pono and I am a Somatics & Erotic Embodiment Guide.  I guide people to encourage them to experience eroticism in their bodies in new and different ways than their habitual patterns.  Most of us had limited education around our sexuality or our erotic nature.  Instead, we were brought up with shame about our bodies, shame around our genitals, sex negative messages from family and/or religion, and we have since experienced less than realistic expressions of sexuality through porn and social media.


Most people are not aware of their full potential to feel pleasure and experience erotic energy in their bodies.  Our bodies are pharmacies-in-waiting, where extended periods of high erotic arousal stimulate the release of our body's own natural hormones and chemicals involved in the brain’s pleasure-reward center.  These include dopamine (the “happiness” hormone), oxytocin (the “love” hormone), serotonin (a mood elevator), endorphins (“feel good” chemicals that reduce pain better than morphine), prolactin (a stress manager, emotion and immune system regulator), endocannabinoids (a reward regulator that decreases anxiety, depression, blood pressure and inflammation), and norepinephrine/noradrenalin (increases dopamine which increases happiness).


My education, training and experience is trauma-informed and guided, and my practice includes aspects of various spiritual/sexual practices, including sexological bodywork, Taoist practices, the chakra system, yoga & pranayama (and other breathwork modalities), principles of Tantra, as well as Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Esalen massage.

Somatics & Erotic Embodiment sessions can be many things.  They can be the sex education you never received. 

They can be about exploring and learning your boundaries - your yes's, your no's and your maybe's. 

What do these things actually feel like in your body? 

Sessions can include consciously working with breath, sound, movement and touch, to connect to and listen to your body.  You can explore increasing your body's capacity to feel pleasure.  You can learn to stimulate and utilize your erotic energy for personal growth and healing.  You can learn to use conscious, focused breathwork to trance out into altered states of consciousness.  You can finally heal from the shame you feel about your sexual desires, fantasies or curiosities.  You can consciously step out from behind the trauma, pain and isolation created when your nervous system was overwhelmed by non-consensual touch, sexual assault, or emotional, physical or sexual abuse.


Questions, Concerns or Curiosities that may be addressed in a Somatics & Erotic Embodiment session include: 

erectile dissatisfacction, unplanned ejaculations, male full body orgasm, intimacy, performance anxiety, body image,

any type of trauma (not just sexual trauma), exploring pleasure, concerns around pornography use, scar tissue remediation,

questions about circumcision, or anal and prostate stimulation for health and pleasure.  Whew!  That's a lot!

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Private Retreats for Individuals or Couples in the Beautiful Cowichan Valley

on Southern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Stay in a quaint one bedroom country cottage on 2 acres of private forested land

Co-Create your own multi-day exploratory retreat including private somatic erotic embodiment sessions

Take time for yourself

Take care of yourself

Reset your nervous system in nature with focused touch movement and

conscious breath work

Find your voice

Explore sensation in your body

Explore your curiosities around your body's capacity to feel sensation and pleasure

We will c0-create the retreat that is just right for you utilizing somatic practices, discussions, embodiment and movement practices, utilizing life force energy for any creative purposes.


For more information or to explore how this might enhance your life, email to Pono

I’d be happy to schedule a complementary Zoom call to meet and discuss

how a private retreat might look for you!

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Tap into and Listen to your Body's Innate Wisdom

Work Consciously to Heal from Shame, Abuse, Guilt or Assault

Fully Experience Pleasure in your Body and Joy in your Life

Explore Fantasy, Explore Sensation, Explore You In a Safer Co-Created Container

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Your Inner Temple:  Deepening Male Self Pleasure

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Join me and David Townsend, for Your Inner Temple:  Deepening Male Self Pleasure, a four day weekend retreat

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Pono serves clients in erotic
self-discovery in individual Somatics & Erotic Embodiment sessions and at private retreats
for individuals or couples,
in Cobble Hill,
(about 45 minutes from
Victoria's Inner Harbour),
BC, Canada.
Private sessions are also available via Zoom or Skype, including
Self-Pleasuring Coaching
& Witnessing sessions.
If you have any questions,
please contact Pono.

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