Somatic Sex Education

Somatic Sex Education is many things.  It can be the sex education you never received.  It can be working with and learning your boundaries - your yes's and no's and maybe's. 

What do those actually feel like in your body? 

It can be consciously working with breath, sound, movement and touch, to connect to and listen to your body.  It can be increasing your body's capacity to feel pleasure.  It can be learning to stimulate and use your erotic energy for personal growth and healing.  It can be using focused breathwork to trance out into altered states of consciousness.  It can be finally healing from the shame you feel about your sexual desires, fantasies or curiosities.  It can be consciously stepping out from behind the trauma, pain and isolation caused by a sexual assault, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or rape.



Tap into and Listen to your Body's Innate Wisdom

Work Consciously to Heal from Shame, Abuse, Guilt or Assault

Fully Experience Pleasure in your Body and Joy in your Life



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Pono assists clients in erotic self-discovery in private Somatic Sex Education sessions and private retreats in Metchosin, Victoria, BC, Canada.
Private sessions are also available via Zoom or Skype, including Self-Pleasuring Coaching & Witnessing sessions.
If you have any questions,
please contact me.



experience male camaraderie, mindful presence, conscious eroticism

Join Ron Stewart and Pono for Connections - a men's erotic embodiment retreat

Next Connections Date

* To Be Announced *

All group workshops and retreats for 2020 are postponed.

We are hosting private retreats this year, tailored to each person.  Write for more information.

Connections is a somatic-based, experiential celebration of masculinity and eroticism, and includes:

            skyclad (clothing-optional) yoga, improvisational movement, dance, sound/voice exercises, guided massage and

            intimate touch experiences, bossy massage, ecstatic table dance, bonfire, beach walk, hiking, quiet contemplation

“Let’s Talk About Sex” – Meal times are a great opportunity for intentional conversations which help us all to process experiences and deepen our time on retreat. Past topics have included:
            -Boundaries and consent.
            -How our pleasurable and unpleasant experiences are held in our body and how that shapes our current choices.
            -Sex and fear in the age of HIV/AIDS.
            -Celebrating your sexuality
            -Online hookups! What is safe sex in 2020? PREP & PEP!!  HIV-positive/undetectable
            -Positive and challenging experiences from our sexual past.
            -“Coming out”, Gay Community/Ghetto/Neighbourhoods

            -AIDS Survivor's guilt
            -Envision your future, your community

Sample of Daily Schedule**:
            7 rise and shine!
            7:30-9 morning yoga practice
            9-10:30 breakfast
            10:30-11:30 BTSM – exploring the foundations of embodiment
            through breath, touch, sound, and movement
            11:30 – 1 mindful massage instruction/practice
            1:30 – 3 lunch
            3:00-4:00 free time
            4-6:30 mindful massage/erotic ritual
            7-8:30 dinner

            **Scheduling for each retreat is tailored to meet the needs of the group.

witness feel explore expand

Connections is a heart-centered joyful gathering in which to experience our ecstatic erotic bodies
free of shame judgment guilt and embarrassment

and to explore and expand our connection with self, others, nature, spirit

recharge rejuvenate reinvent

Many programming practices will include nudity
All male-identified people are welcome to participate at their own comfort level

Erotic practices at CONNECTIONS are designed for participants to explore their own erotic bodies in community with others. Although we celebrate man on man sex, this workshop is based on more fully understanding our own body’s capacity to experience pleasure and ecstasy. Participants will experience and exchange intimate contact through intentional touch, massage, and erotic ritual. We will not be engaging in sex with each other.

Explore and expand your body’s capacity for pleasure by shedding habitual patterns of erotic behavior and creating new pathways to erotic ecstasy and bliss.

Dorm Style Accommodations
Three healthy home-cooked meals a day including dinner on the first day and breakfast on the last day

Gather for five days and nights with a group of men wanting to explore and expand themselves in a communal erotic environment

CAN $1,850 (includes retreat content, room & board) (at current exchange rates, approximately US $1,400)
Early Bird rate – CAN $1,700 if paid in full 30 days before the start date of the retreat (at current exchange rates, approximately US $1,275)

Arrive the first day anytime after 2 p.m. – programming begins about 5 p.m.           

Depart the last day about 12 noon

Please contact us to arrange rides from the Ferry Terminals (BC Ferry from Vancouver, BC; Clipper from Seattle WA; Black Ball Ferry from Port Angeles, WA) or Victoria Airport (YYJ)

Register with Ron at ron@skyclad.ca or Pono at info@EcstaticTouch.Net

If you have any questions, we would be happy to have a Skype or Zoom call with you to discuss any concerns you might have.

Comments from Past Participants:

“This is my first experience witnessing the ability of people (especially gay men) to hold space and non-judgmentally support one another.  This has been an invaluable experience for me.”

“You guys rock!” 


“I arrived with an open mind and am leaving with an open heart.” 

“I’m so inspired to live and learn through this new lens.”

“I appreciate the vulnerability of the hosts for demonstrating these (embodiment) skills.  I like what I learned and hope to incorporate it into my life.”

 “Thank you both for a wonderful retreat, the safe space and mutual respect were wonderful.”

“The retreat did a great job of developing gay men’s relationship to their own bodies”

"Connections was a deep dive into understanding my sexuality in a healthier and happier, more confident way.  I learned valuable practical skills to deepen my spirituality and interpersonal relationship skills.”

The most valuable part of the retreat was:

          “…experiencing learning and pushing boundaries with a tribe of men.”

          “…all the positive energy from our days together at the Retreat. I just want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your time and experiences with me. My take away was more than you will ever realize.  Thanks Pono, for talking about the process of decompressing. I personally experienced a broad spectrum of emotions in the days following, most of which have been joyous and upbeat. I now have landed in a very good place.”

            “Safe space, trusting, supportive.”

          “I was pleased with how supportive the environment was.”

          “The supportive and non-judgmental environment”

The Ecstatic Table Dance was:

            “… the most fun I have had in a long time.”

            “Great music! Very high energy …I enjoyed the opportunity to be a little ‘wild’ amidst more structured activities.”

            “Big fan.”

            “Loved this.”

Yoga Classes:

            “I loved it.  Great way to start the day.” 

            “Very valuable tool.” 



            “Excellent session.  Learned lots of new techniques.  Loved the music.” “I appreciated playing with myself in new ways.”

The bossy massage was:

            “Fun and an excellent lesson in listening to what our bodies want, and our right to request it.  A cornerstone of my week at Skyclad.”

Ron Stewart has been offering men’s yoga classes and retreats through Skyclad since 2005. His career as one of Canada’s prominent male contemporary dance artist’s fuels his understanding of movement and the body.  His more recent studies in 2011 with Joseph Kramer (Body Electric/ Sexological Bodywork) and the work of Peter Levine in 2015 (Somatic Experiencing) have refined his offerings and interests in the area of intimacy and sexual wellness.
Ron guides and supports as expansion rises from contraction, light illuminates shadow and breath brings you into the moment.

Pono is an ecstatic sexologist, somatic sex educator and certified sexological bodyworker.  What a joy to be able to guide people of all gender identities, preferences and proclivities, to work through and overcome cultural, religious and familial taboos around intimacy, touch, desire, arousal and sex, through pleasure!
Pono utilizes knowledge from studying Focusing, (Eugene Gendlin), and the chakra system in his hands-on work with clients. For several years, he participated in Native American rituals and ceremonies, including monthly sweat lodges and several vision quests, which were based on the Lakota traditions.
Pono volunteered with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in its award-winning Rubberman safe sex campaign, and co-facilitated its Buddy Connection workshops. He is a certified yoga instructor who did his yoga teacher training with Integrative Yoga Therapy in 1992.  Clients have commented on his gentle, grounded presence, and warm soothing demeanor.





Metchosin, Victoria, BC

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